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Driveshaft/Axle/Differential in Alliance, NE

Your vehicle relies on axles and driveshafts in order to turn its wheels properly. The axles’ support points–bearings and bushings–must be replaced periodically in order to ensure your vehicle’s performance. If you hear a clicking noise or notice your vehicle does not turn or drive as easily, as usual, you may need to have your axles serviced.

The driveshaft on your vehicle transfers power from the engine to the axles. Some vehicles–such as those with four-wheel drive–may have two driveshafts. Typically, by performing regular maintenance on your driveshaft, such as replacing joints and fluid as needed, your driveshaft will last a very long time. However, driveshafts do need to be replaced occasionally. Symptoms of a driveshaft in need of replacement include clunking noises when accelerating or shifting between drive and reverse; vibration when driving; and squeaking when driving. Failing to service or replace your driveshaft as needed could cause other parts of the vehicle to be damaged.

The differential also transfers power from the engine to the wheels. It helps the wheels turn and time themselves properly and at different speeds if necessary.

PST Automotive & Precision Stereo Technology proudly serves the Differential Repair needs of customers in Alliance, NE, Whitman, NE, Chadron, NE, and surrounding areas.

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